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Fire Tonic for Immunity and Digestive Support

Born with a communal spirit, Fire Ciders have a rich history of not only boosting immunity and warding of cold and flu, but bringing people together in times of need to create something greater than ourselves. What started with a group of herbalists creating in a kitchen, has become a powerful remedy to be shared with our family and friends and a true symbol of togetherness.


Hi friends! Dallas aka Moon Dancer here!

Today I’m so excited to share with you one of my absolute favorite products for the upcoming cold and flu season, EYE OF THE FLAME Fire Tonic. Now if you aren’t familiar with FIRE TONIC or traditionally know as FIRE CIDER, this is a spicy, apple cider vinegar based drink that is tart, tasty, and deeply invigorating to the immune system. Our special tonic, inspired by Rosemary Gladstar and many amazing herbalists before us, has been blended harmoniously with ginger, garlic, onions, peppers, hibiscus, lemons, oranges, and raw honey to make a potent herbal drink that is ideal for those prone to repetitive colds, seasonal depression, and respiratory issues.

Perfect for your home medicine cabinet and to share with family and friends, Fire Tonic ignites the digestive fire, increases blood flow, reduces internal stagnation and is said to open the eyes. I take Fire Cider everyday and prefer to take it in a one ounce shot, but beginners often like to dilute it with a little warm water or start with a tablespoon each morning. I hope you enjoy its awakening power as much as we do.

Stay healthy,