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Palm Inhalation for Connection

Palm inhalation connects us to our breath and brings us into the moment. When practiced with intention, it is a simple yet profound way to soothe our emotions and inspire motivation. The physical and psychological effects of inhaling a purposeful scent are immediate and lasting. Directly targeting our internal landscape though our limbic system, this practice is different than wearing a perfume and its power to transform is largely underestimated.

If we are what we eat, we are also what we breathe. When we slow down and breathe deeply and gracefully, our experience of life will also be more deep and graceful. 

My daily practice of palm inhalation began with the creation of our Wild Waters. Our skin tonic formulas are made primarily of hydrosol, which is a physical manifestation of alchemy – a substance of transformation. The process touches all five elements. As plant material harvested from the Earth is placed inside a copper alembic still, it is then mixed with fresh spring Water and heated by Fire which transforms it into vapor (Air & Ether). This vapor condensed down into a beautiful aromatic hydrosol. With each application of Wild Water, I have learned to connect to my heart center as I bring my palms to face, cupping them softly and breathing deeply, inhaling the magic. 

Give it a try:

Select your favorite Wild Water (or work with an essential oil that supports your intention). Apply a dropperful to the palm of your hands before gently touch your palms together to warm and active the waters. Cup your palms over your face without touching the skin. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, inhaling the aroma, allowing its scent to fill you, before lowering your hands as you exhale. Repeat as desired, tapping into what your mind, body and spirit require.

Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary Juniper Berry Hydrosol

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