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The Feminine Is Life Force Energy

Whenever I find myself feeling really emotional, needy, indecisive, disorganized, and insecure, I recognize these behaviors as clear signs that my Feminine Energy is low and in need of some serious love & support. When weak, wounded, or overrun by Masculine Energy, life can really feel out of balance and the way we feel, think, and act in our everyday lives can be greatly affected. Have you been feeling a little off too? Here are a few ways I like to reconnect with my Feminine Energy.


I love to fill my body with roots, spices, herbs, and mushrooms that help support the flow of divine energy from within! FEMINISM Daily Dose Drops are formulated specifically to do just that so I take them every single morning. Ingredients like Shatavari, Rose, Nutmeg, and Red Reishi Mushrooms enhance sexual power, confidence, & creativity. I also love the flavors of Rose & Chai.


The feminine is life force energy. Places like forests, gardens, and bodies of water are abundant with natural feminine energy. I go to these places when I’m feeling out of sync and in need of revitalization.


I enjoy taking time to internally connect to myself in heart space. I check in! I write my feelings down or express them through dance/movement just to get them out into the Universe! Exploring my true thoughts and feelings help me dive into the deeper feminine side of who I am.

What are some ways you like to strengthen your feminine energy? This question is for men and women alike as the Feminine and Masculine energies live within all of us.