Zoom AQUA TOFANA / Beauty Elixir
Zoom AQUA TOFANA / Beauty Elixir
Zoom AQUA TOFANA / Beauty Elixir
Zoom AQUA TOFANA / Beauty Elixir
Zoom AQUA TOFANA / Beauty Elixir

AQUA TOFANA / Beauty Elixir

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The Tiny Cauldron + Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary

Inspired by the wise women behind the earliest Apothecaries comes our newest formulation: Aqua Tofana Beauty Elixir, a divine collaboration with The Tiny Cauldron. The co-creation of this magical formula offers an ethereal sensory experience that’s reminiscent of an earlier time. It continues the work of the women who’ve gone before us, a calling-up and calling-in of the ancient medicines that celebrate and enhance a Divine Feminine force that is fierce, vulnerable, strong, raw, soft, and open.

This beauty elixir, with its notes of Jasmine, Violets, and Vanilla Bean, embodies the essence of the Divine Feminine, her passions, and intrepid spirit. Aqua Tofana sings the virtues of blending potent roots, medicinal mushrooms, and flowers together—for added self-awareness, heart connection, and the compound benefits offered to the spirit by ingredients that work synergistically. Violets and Sacred Datura, for example, complement one another to deliver compound self-liberation, self-expression, and soul expansion, while retaining the tender qualities of feminine beauty. Where Jasmine flowers are celebrated for their ability to attract spiritual love, love based on attraction to soul, Vanilla Bean brings luxury and indulgent richness. To enhance our physical beauty, a dose of Tremella Mushroom was added for its ability to improve skin hydration when ingested and has been used for millennia as a delicacy.


The original Aqua Tofana was the infamous creation of Gulia Tofana in the 17th century to release women from unhappy marriages. At the time, her mysterious formula was a response to hierarchical power structures used to repress women. Our modern-day interpretation is all about female empowerment—to be accessed and fully expressed. This beauty elixir is available to you to treat yourself with the grace and honor that your divine spirit requires. To connect you to your power source, to remind you that you are a force of Nature.

You are an ancestress of what is to come. Aqua Tofana is an invitation to gather up pieces of yourself that have been forgotten, and to rise. Come home to the beauty and truth of yourself.



May be helpful to:

+ Encourage supple, hydrated skin tone
+ Lift the mood
+ Nourish feminine energies
+ Inspire amorous relationships
+ Arouse feelings of self-love
+ Invite feminine magic
+ Revitalize heart connection

AQUA TOFANA / Beauty Elixir



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