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LIMINALITY / Sunflora Body Oil

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The aromatics used in this transformative body oil complement the liminal spaces in our lives—uplifting and luring the mind into forward motion. Through awareness and self-love, we can move out of the known and instinctually weave ourselves into what is coming next.

As it gently dispels stuck energies and enriches the skin with nourishing botanicals, this vital oil supports us, allowing trust and ease in the flow of life. Regular use helps to maintain smooth, supple, healthy skin and significantly boosts hydration and tone.

ARTISAN FORMULA: Organic Sunflower Oil, wild Eucalyptus leaves, organic Clove buds, Vitamin ET50, Rosemary extract, and pure essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin, and Eucalyptus.


‘In youth we learn, in age we understand.’

—Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

LIMINALITY / Sunflora Body Oil



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