Zoom QUIETUDE Serenity Formula / Aromatic Elixir
Zoom QUIETUDE Serenity Formula / Aromatic Elixir

QUIETUDE Serenity Formula / Aromatic Elixir

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A meticulously crafted aromatic elixir steeped in the serene essence of fresh Lavender cellular water. It harmoniously aligns with your nervous system, guiding it toward profound inner peace and tranquility. As tension unravels, the inner sanctum of relaxation is revealed and a profound sense of clarity emerges—allowing serenity to take root. Lavender, the mystical heart of this elixir, weaves ethereal threads that reconnect your spirit with the intricate tapestry of your corporeal being. Allow the gentle embrace of Lavender to envelop you, rewiring your very essence, revitalizing your spirit, and replenishing your sacred vessel.

This potent herbal formula combines the potent plant medicine of SEREIN At Peace Drops with the vibrant, living cellular Wild Water of Lavender. The addition of aromatic plant waters creates a remarkable, upgraded herbal remedy; one with a unique life-force, vibration, and healing potential.

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May be helpful:
+ Relaxing the whole being
+ Calming nerve tone
+ Strengthening, nourishing, and replenishing a worn-out nervous system
+ Reducing muscle tension
+ Relieving circular thoughts and wakeful nights


May be helpful:
+ Stabilizing the mood
+ Alleviating feelings of depression
+ Stirring feelings of loving connection
+ Emotionally grounding; brings calm to strong emotions that threaten to overwhelm the mind


Floral and herbal, with honey undertones


1-3 dropperfuls under the tongue as needed.

QUIETUDE Serenity Formula / Aromatic Elixir



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