Zoom FIRE WITHIN ME / Vibrant Agni Aromatic Elixir
Zoom FIRE WITHIN ME / Vibrant Agni Aromatic Elixir

FIRE WITHIN ME / Vibrant Agni Aromatic Elixir

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{ viriditas
/ və-ˈri-də-tas /
The greening power of the Divine

This elixir is bold, and you will feel its powerful ingredients going to work immediately. Layers of lemongrass, mint, and ginger harmonize, bringing a warm calm feeling to the whole being. Flowers and roots work together to heal damaged tissues, improving digestive function, and allowing vital nutrients to reach the cells. While amazingly potent, this golden nectar restores balance to even the most delicate constitutions. It is especially beneficial for those that struggle with bloating, gas, and other types of digestive discomfort.

This potent herbal formula combines the potent plant medicine of IRENIC Happy Belly Drops with the vibrant, living cellular Wild Water of Lemongrass and Mint. The addition of aromatic plant waters creates a remarkable, upgraded herbal remedy; one with a unique life-force, vibration, and healing potential.



May be helpful to:
+ Relieve digestive discomfort
+ Promote tissue healing
+ Stimulate digestive secretions
+ Assist in better absorption of nutrients
+ Immune system support
+ Stimulate regeneration of cells
+ Aid in gentle detoxification

AROMATHERAPY / Lemongrass + Mint

May be helpful to:
+ Revitalize body and spirit
+ Encourage a positive perspective
+ Uplift a weary mind


Warm, spicy, and refreshing


3+ dropperful under the tongue 30 minutes before meals. Best results if used 3-4x daily.

FIRE WITHIN ME / Vibrant Agni Aromatic Elixir



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