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ORACLE / Prophetic Beauty Crème

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Chaga + Sandalwood + Ghee

A cloud-like moisturizing cream to replenish, tone, and balance the delicate facial tissue. Pure Ayurvedic traditional Ghee ensures penetration of all seven layers of the skin, delivering a potent dose of skin beautifying Chaga Mushroom intelligence, activating profound healing from within.


+ Helps rebuild dermal tissue
+ Supports healing from below the surface
+ Reduces under eye circles
+ Reduces inflammation
+ Brightens and strengthens the skin
+ Reduces discoloration and evens out skin tone
+ Keeps skin silky, smooth, and plump
+ Promotes collagen production
+ Guards against environmental aggressors


Sensually supple, deeply hydrated and nourished with a sustainable glow


Floral, fresh, and softly grounded

Please note: Oracle 2oz size is a non-returnable item. If you would like to try this cream please order the trial size.

ORACLE / Prophetic Beauty Crème



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