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Delicate botanicals adorn a bundle of Palo Santo (Holy Wood) to inspire positive vibrations, with esteemed cleansing energy joined by profound relaxation —paired with Selenite to unburden the spirit and enhance cleansing and protective rituals.

+ Bundle of 3 ethically and sustainably harvested real Palo Santo
+ Hand-collected Selenite from the Utah desert
+ Each bundle is uniquely crafted by hand by our desert artisans

Harvesting Practices

Our Palo Santo is collected from naturally-fallen trunks & branches for the dry forests of Ecuador and Perú, where this beloved wood is abundant in nature. Gathered in nature, split by hand, and exchanged with Love.

Our feathers are cruelty-free. They are fallen feathers collected from chickens during their natural exfoliation process.

PALO SANTO / Spirit Bundles



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