Zoom WILD WATER / Pinion Pine Hydrosol
Zoom WILD WATER / Pinion Pine Hydrosol

WILD WATER / Pinion Pine Hydrosol

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A verdant forest Wild Water containing wildly harvested Pinion Pine from the Utah mountains, distilled by hand. Renowned for its ability to bring purification and clarity to mind, body, and spirit, this potent hydrosol protects and clears the energy field while delivering Nature's medicine to the skin and hair. It contains the aromatic essence of wild Pinion Pine trees, vital plant acids, minerals, and nanoparticles of essential oils.

Helps to:

+ Regulate oil production
+ Refresh tired skin
+ Lift the mood and vibration
+ Clear stagnation and energy field
+ Boost forward energy
+ Clear the mind


Vibrant, awake, refreshed


Bright and crisp with fresh forest notes

ARTISAN FORMULA: Wildcrafted Pinion Pine leaves and branches hydro-distilled in pure spring water. We added a splash of colloidal silver (less than 0.5%) to extend the shelf-life.

This Wild Water is best used within 12 months of purchase. Refrigeration extends its shelf-life. Always store in a cool dry place.



Our skin tonic formulas are made of hydrosols, which is a physical manifestation of alchemy – a substance of transformation. The process touches all five elements. As plant material harvested from the Earth is placed inside a copper alembic still it is then mixed with fresh spring Water and heated by Fire which transforms it into vapor (Air & Ether). This vapor condensed down into a beautiful aromatic hydrosol.

WILD WATER / Pinion Pine Hydrosol



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