WILD & FREE / Seasonal Allergy Liberation Elixir

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Sacred herbs, nutritive botanicals, and ancient roots work together to provide natural allergy relief. This nutritive formula supports a healthy histamine response —calming overactive mucus, soothing itchy watery eyes, and opening breathing pathways.

Fast-acting, easily absorbed and assimilated in the body, this wild elixir allows for quick, customized dosing on-the-go.

  • Yerba Santa leaf: Calms overactive mucus and supports a normal histamine response.
  • Nettle leaf: A profoundly nourishing tonic that helps support the body's histamine response.
  • Licorice Root: Is well-known for its strong anti-histamine properties. It helps thin mucus as well as help break up and expel it.
  • Orange peel: A powerful catalyst in this formula. It directs the action of the other herbs movement by binding to bitter receptor points and moving herbs quickly around the body.
  • Eyebright herb: reduces acute reactions while cooling and calming itchy, irritated eyes.

Take 1-3 dropperfuls as needed under the tongue or in a little water up to 4x daily.


ARTISAN FORMULA: **Yerba Santa Leaf, *Nettle Leaf, *Orange Peel, *Eyebright Herb, *Licorice Root, *Raw Unfiltered Honey, *Echinacea Flower Vibrational Essence. Extracted in artisan well cane spirits, *vegetable glycerin, and spring water.

**Wildcrafted *Organic

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