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We handcraft next-level plant medicines, enchanted brews, and wild skin alchemy to transcend the ordinary.

Take pleasure, give love.


Uniting the worlds of spirit, emotion and the elemental body to provide natural answers to everyday needs.

In each formula, love reverberates—whether to set a mood of reciprocity, induce a surge of energy, inspire transformation, or provoke wild curiosity. This devotion to imbuing our work with a higher frequency comes together in each of our collections. It is here that Wild Elixirs, Vibrational Remedies, Enchanted Brews and Skin Alchemy can be found, curated with heartfelt affection, to lift you up.

Skin Alchemy

Harnessing the alchemical power of the elements, Skin Alchemy was designed as a tool to rewild your beauty ritual—to activate and enhance the skin's natural aliveness, bringing resiliency and harmony.


Wild Elixirs & Tonics

The objective of tonics and elixirs is to create a state of calm and uplifted wholeness. They are potent, experiential, and expansive. As pure plant medicines help us cultivate and maintain our brightness, both internal and external, renewal comes and in turn, we are able to create anew.


Superbrews for curious minds

We offer a new choice that's delicious without compromise and an experience that's conscious and connected. Designed to give you clear mornings, focused afternoons, and peaceful evenings, Superbrews are for those who want to elevate their sipping experience.


Mushroom Magick

Mysterious creatures of the subterranean world, Medicinal Mushrooms are both adaptogenic and powerful spiritual guides, containing the intelligence of the Earth and the Web of Life. Our Mushroom formulas are nutritive and expansive, weaving our minds and bodies into the fabric of the Universe.


Vibrational Essences

The gift of flowers is supporting us in becoming. They offer us a co-creative union with a realm of consciousness that helps silence our external noise so that our internal landscape can settle.


Enchanted Teas

Consider our Enchanted Teas as your apothecary toolkit that provides tangible support for the stresses of modern life. With a spectrum of loose leaf botanical tea blends ranging from herbaceous to decadent, each brew was designed to enhance and inspire rituals like mindful sipping, self-reflection, and the simple but sacred act of drifting to your deepest dreams and rise ready for a new day.


I was able to just feel, release and express some of the emotions that were there that I just haven’t created the time and space to feel and release. I’m experiencing a big shift at this time and I know there’s so much going on beneath the surface. This flower essence helped me to bring up what was necessary...


I'm one of those people that has a super sensitive stomach so these drops are ideal for me and my on-the-go lifestyle. At first I was taking them after my meals to help with bloating but I discovered they work best for me when I take them before I eat something heavy or spicy. I also like to incorporate them in my morning smoothies so my stomach feels at ease during the day. Overall these happy belly drops have really helped me out. Thanks so much!


This really helps with my morning anxiety. I often feel anxious when I wake up and have been taking this everyday to help. For me it works better than any of the CBD blends I've tried. Its hard to describe but I just feel better all around.


Rituals, magick, and the Moon

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