We handcraft next-level plant medicines, Superbrews, and enchanted teas to transcend the ordinary.


Ritual, magick, and the Moon

Our objective has always been to honor all that is sacred, alive, and whole. We ride the currents of Nature, following the waning and waxing energies—acknowledging that healing is a spiral dance, as is all transformation and magick.

Seasonal Wild Water

We make our hydrosols from fresh plant material, containing the cellular water, beneficial constituents, and spirit of these precious beings. Pure living water is collected, and through Fire transformation, a colloidal suspension of plant acids, essential oils, and hydrophilic components forms a restorative skin tonic.


The Wild Apothecary

Wild is many things. It’s a fierce love for the land. A rebellious call for freedom. A reverence for life. It’s both emotional and physical, spiritual and soulful, primitive and expansive. It has the power to shift our mental scenery, inspire new thoughts and actions, and indulge our senses.

Our products are a response to the genuine needs of our customers, and are a direct reflection of the wild hearts and minds that bring our artisan formulas to life.


WILD REMEDIES | potent, experiential, and expansive

The objective of tonics, tinctures, and elixirs is to create a state of calm and uplifted wholeness. They are potent, experiential, and expansive. As pure plant medicines help us cultivate and maintain our brightness, both internal and external, renewal comes and in turn, we are able to create anew.


Superbrews for Curious Minds

Designed to give you clear mornings, focused afternoons, and peaceful evenings, Superbrews are for those who want to elevate their sipping experience.



Mysterious creatures of the subterranean world, Medicinal Mushrooms are both adaptogenic and powerful spiritual guides, containing the intelligence of the Earth and the Web of Life.


ENCHANTED TEAS | an antidote for modern living

Consider our herbal teas as your apothecary toolkit that provides tangible support for the stresses of modern life. With a spectrum of loose leaf botanical blends ranging from herbaceous to decadent, each brew was designed to enhance and inspire rituals like mindful sipping, self-reflection, and the sacred act of drifting to your deepest dreams and rising ready for a new day.


WILD FLOWER ESSENCES | balance emotions naturally

The gift of flowers is supporting us in becoming. You don't need any special knowledge to harmonize with a flower, they will meet you wherever you are, whenever you're in need of a new perspective.



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