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Zoom RISE UP / Turkey Tail + Elderberry Mushroom Elixir
Zoom RISE UP / Turkey Tail + Elderberry Mushroom Elixir

RISE UP / Turkey Tail + Elderberry Mushroom Elixir

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Turkey Tail Mushrooms + Elderberries


A vibrant, beautiful mushroom, Turkey Tail reveals every color of the rainbow—reflecting our universal connectedness. Its medicinal powers touch us on a physical, mental, and emotional level, helping to energize, support, and nourish our natural defenses. Revered as a powerful Qi (energy) and Jing (essence) tonifier for thousands of years, regular use of Turkey Tail works wonders for general weakness, depletion of spirit, and longevity. In combination with Elderberries, this vital elixir offers fortitude and strength in the midst of day-to-day stressors.


+ Immune support/boost
+ Adaptogen
+ Tonifies Qi (energy)
+ Supports the bodies ability to detoxify
+ Rich in antioxidants
+ Healthy cell growth and turnover
+ Supports digestion and gut health
+ Microbiome prebiotic
+ Supports a healthy liver


Dosage: 1 dropperful 2-3x daily. For best results create a daily ritual.

+ Under the tongue
+ Add to coffee or tea
+ Add to sparkling water
+ Add to soups or sauces
+ Add to smoothies


Organic Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) mushroom fruitbody/mycelium, and organic Elderberries. Extracted in artesian well cane spirits, pure spring water, and organic vegetable glycerin.

RISE UP / Turkey Tail + Elderberry Mushroom Elixir



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