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SEREIN / At Peace Drops

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noun [si'ri:n]
the fine, light rain that falls from a clear sky at sunset or in the early hours of night; evening serenity.

This serenity formula brings us into the moment. It calms us. It slows us down. It regulates our nervous system, relieving anxious feelings and a worried mind. And in addition to all of this, it has to power to bring restoration, strength and nourishment to our organ system. Its purpose is to help your nervous system move from an exhausted state into a resting, digesting, repairing response. Serein quiets an anxious mind; redirecting its focus from being wasted on external noise and stress.


+ Relaxes the whole being
+ Calms nerve tone
+ Strengthens, nourishes, and replenishes a worn-out nervous system
+ Reduces muscle tension
+ Relieves circular thoughts and wakeful nights


15-30 drops as desired


Sweet and herbaceous with a floral finish


Centered, cozy and calm

SEREIN / At Peace Drops

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

3 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Our wild elixirs remind you to remember who you are and how you were made. An intentional, thoughtful life is your birthright. You were never built to be on hyperdrive.

ARTISAN FORMULA: Organic Milky Oat Seed, organic Damiana, organic Lemon Balm, organic Holi Basil, organic Lavender, organic Skullcap in a sweet base of organic vegetable glycerin and artesian well cane spirits.
Milky Oat Flower Tops
Legend has it that Gaia herself was weaned on the milk of of this restorative plant. Milky Oat Flower Tops nourish and tone the nervous system, and are a powerful plant ally to alleviate both physical and nervous fatigue. Wise and supportive, they work to calm and sedate the nervous system, but also direct their power to restoring, strengthening, and nourishing our organ system.
Damiana is the feminine version of Damian, damiana is the wild one "who tames." An excellent nervous system tonic, Damiana is as dreamy as she is effective at relieving anxiety, mild to moderate depression and insomnia. Love, rituals, and sensual connection are just a few of her charms and she works her magic to balance sacral, solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakras. 
Holy Basil
Queen of the Herbs, Holy Basil is viewed as a living gateway between heaven and Earth, and is the manifestation of the divine within the plant kingdom. An ancient tonic, and well studied adaptogenic herb for the body, mind and spirit, Holy Basil guides a healthy response to physical, emotional, and environmental stress offering us an interconnected pathway to whole being wellness.
Skullcap soothes like a soft calm breeze, blowing out nervous tension and excess energy. It settles the mind, creating a protective cocoon where we can rest our body to be renewed. It promotes deep relaxation, heightens awareness and perception, and connects the heart to the mind. A powerful remedy to ground our thoughts and nourish our inner world.

Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.

- Paracelsus

Pairs perfectly with Guided By Stars / Dream Sensorium Brew

This enchanted brew is a brilliant shade of indigo, reflecting a heightened awareness of this sacred dream tea. As it enhances third eye function and calls upon the dream world, it quiets the nervous system into deep relaxation. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice transforms its color to a deep violet, lifting you into the quintessence before floating off to a blissful slumber.
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