SPIRIT BIRD / Energy Clearing Mist

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A grounding blend of Sage, Juniper Berries, and Sweet Orange to bring stability amid moments of flux and a harmonious mind-body connection. Spirit Bird combines potent doses of aromatic cellular waters from wild trees with vibrant volatile oils to shift our mental scenery—releasing heavy thoughts that way us down.


+ Elevates the mood
+ Clears and resets energy
+ Brightens and refreshes indoor spaces
+ Clears stagnation


Spray several pumps throughout the space and refresh as desired. The aroma lingers for hours, keeping your sacred spaces fresh and clear.


Fresh, citrusy, woody

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Plants are poets, they reveal magic in the otherwise mundane. When blended together, ancient medicinals and conscious practices will give us powerful, expansive experiences.

ARTISAN FORMULA: Handcrafted **Juniper Berry and **Wild Sage hydrosol, grain alcohol, +Sweet Orange, +Juniper Berry, and +Sage.

**Wildcrafted +Essential Oil

The Ritual

Ceremonial space clearing can be as simple or involved as you like. The choice is always yours and can differ each time. It's a powerful way to rid spaces and people of negative energy, dispel illness, and set the stage for new beginnings and good fortune.

Simply set your intention before spritzing throughout your sacred spaces, taking care to open a window or door so that the past energy may exit. A few spritzes are welcome in healing spaces, after arguments, or any time you feel the need to refresh and reset your environment.

The more you tune in to yourself and your own energy, the more sensitive you will become to the energies of other people and places. We love to carry this with us on our travels to clear all spaces from previous energies and as a reminder to stay open to the blessings of the Universe.

Ritual is the passage way of the soul into the infinite.

-Algernon Blackwood