Zoom WILD WATER / Red Cedar + Sage Hydrosol
Zoom WILD WATER / Red Cedar + Sage Hydrosol

WILD WATER / Red Cedar + Sage Hydrosol

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A vibrant high-desert Wild Water offering exceptional nourishment for stressed skin; contains the aromatic essence of wild Red Cedar trees and wild desert Sage, vital plant acids, minerals, and nanoparticles of essential oils.

Helps to:

+ Regulate oil production
+ Hydrate dry, stressed skin
+ Lift the mood
+ Clear negative energy
+ Enhance meditation and sleep


Calm, smooth, refreshed


Deeply sweet with fresh forest notes

ARTISAN FORMULA: Wildcrafted Red Cedar leaves and branches, and Great Western Sage hydro-distilled in pure spring water. We added a splash of colloidal silver (less than 0.5%) to extend the shelf-life.

This Wild Water is best used within 12 months of purchase. Refrigeration extends its shelf-life. Always store in a cool dry place.



Our skin tonic formulas are made of hydrosols, which is a physical manifestation of alchemy – a substance of transformation. The process touches all five elements. As plant material harvested from the Earth is placed inside a copper alembic still it is then mixed with fresh spring Water and heated by Fire which transforms it into vapor (Air & Ether). This vapor condensed down into a beautiful aromatic hydrosol.

WILD WATER / Red Cedar + Sage Hydrosol



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