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What exactly is a flower essence?

As we walk our desert landscape, under an expansive blue sky, wild flowers beckon us closer, offering their insight and healing powers, inviting us to expand into our greater selves and take up all the space we need to flourish.

You don't need any special knowledge to harmonize with a flower, they will meet you wherever you are, whenever you're in need of a new perspective. If there is one important thing to understand about them it's that they do not do anything to us. They facilitate an enhanced consciousness of what is happening within ourselves. Flower essences are most helpful to those of us who want to take responsibility for our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states.

We consciously hand-select every wild desert flower used in our essences before saturating them in pure spring water and vibrant sunlight or mystical moonbeams. Each is bottled with loving care before arriving on your doorstep. May they aid you in your journey and meet you in joy.

What exactly is a flower essence?

Flower essences are dilute, potentized infusions prepared from wildflowers or garden blossoms which convey a distinct imprint or etheric pattern of that flower. We make ours directly in nature where the four alchemical elements of earth, water, air, and fire are most readily accessed. To this is added the fifth “quintessential” element of the sensitive awareness and spiritual attunement as we prepare each essence with loving intention. Subtle yet powerful medicines, Flower Essences help us de-program negative and harmful thought patterns, restore spiritual and physical balance, and help heal deep emotional traumas. True alchemists of change, flower essences reveal to us old layers of self, imprints, and ideas that are no longer serving our higher self. They work directly with soul and spirit to help bring about alignment for higher thinking and living.

How do I choose a flower essence?

Flower Essences can be selected in a variety of ways. Since they do not have side effects, it is completely safe to select the essences yourself. We suggest you start with becoming familiar with a flower of interest. During the research process, we often recognize ourselves in the descriptions of many of them. The next step is to decide which mental and emotional issues are most important for your health and growth. Ask yourself the following question: What issues are most important to me today, right now? Next, ask yourself: What is at the root cause of this situation? Hold these questions in your awareness, being as honest with yourself as possible, allowing a spontaneous response to arise. Using your intuition, you then select the essence or essences which correspond with these issues.

How do I use a flower essence?

Regular, rhythmic use is what builds the strength and transformative powers of a flower essence. We increase potency not by taking more, but by using them frequently and consistently. We most often recommend 7 drops, 3-4x daily. We always encourage you to listen to your intuition and make the adjustments you need. Feel free to take them orally, rub drops into your skin, add them to your bath water, put them in a spray bottle to spritz the air around you or on your pillow before sleep. Remember, they are a vibrational essence and surrounding ourselves with them, internally or externally, is a wondrous experience. We have found that there is definitely a normal cycle of two to four weeks when taking a flower essence. It's completely normal to intuitively take them more frequently in the beginning and to taper off towards the end of the cycle. Some take an essence for just a couple of weeks while others may take one for several months. This is your process and a rich opportunity to discover your deeply intuitive nature.

Can I use more than one at a time?



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