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True Hydrosols: The essence of the plant

Seasonal Wild Waters

Distilled when each plant is at full illumination, our fresh plant Wild Waters are handcrafted in small batches using a traditional copper alembic still. The result is a true hydrosol, the essence of the plant.

These mist are available to you when you need some extra glow, or an energetic pick-me-up. They are wonderfully therapeutic to spray over the face, whole body, or around your environment. They will clear your mind and perk your senses. Each of our hydrosols are packed with vitamins and minerals to benefit the skin.

An intimate, labor-intensive craft.

Dating back to over 4,000 years ago, the first alchemists knew that all of the information in a plant is stored in its cellular water. They refined and practiced the slow art of distillation, a process that extracts the cellular water–capturing the intrinsic nature, vibration, and healing potential of the plant itself. This alchemical process touches each of the elements, reorganizing and reincarnating the vibrant, living essence of the plant. Each plant transformation is unique, and each batch special.

We make our hydrosols, also known as hydrates, distillates, or floral waters, using steam or hydrodistillation depending on the plant used. Only fresh plant material is used, containing the cellular water, beneficial constituents, and spirit of these precious beings. Pure living water is collected, and through Fire transformation, a colloidal suspension of plant acids, essential oils, and hydrophilic components forms a restorative wellness tonic. Our Wild Water is distilled specifically for the hydrosol, not as a co-product of essential oils. This allows for the plant's cellular water and its vast nutritive components to remain intact. Imbued with aromatic and therapeutic molecules, our Wild Waters are exquisite healing tonics for body and spirit. 

Nature's luxury skincare.

+ Naturally acidic and protective
+ Hydrate dry and dehydrated skin
+ Reduce redness and inflammation
+ Cool and calm irritated skin
+ Enhance penetration of your oils, balms, & serums

A multitude of medicinal uses.

+ Facial mist to hydrate and soothe
+ Energy booster and pick-me-up
+ Aura or aromatherapy mist
+ Cooling after-sun spray
+ Hair and scalp tonic
+ Linen and pillow spray

We can't wait to share this wildly vibrational goodness with you! Your fresh delivery awaits, shipped directly to you from our Wild Apothecary, with all the love we can fit inside.