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Zoom ACTIVISM / Golden Mylk Superbrew
Zoom ACTIVISM / Golden Mylk Superbrew

ACTIVISM / Golden Mylk Superbrew

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A beloved Turmeric and Coconut-based formula inspired by the Ayurvedic wellness drink, our Golden Mylk offers a delicious way to transport medicinal Mushrooms and rejuvenating Superherbs, delivering relief for inflammatory conditions, digestive distress, and stiffness. Activating botanicals energize the body and mind while the carminative spices of Cardamom, Black Pepper, and Ginger envelop our whole being in a warm embracesatisfying taste buds and kindling the digestive system. 


+ Digestive support
+ Inflammation modulation
+ Helps relieve joint pain and stiffness
+ Strengthens the immune system
+ Protects against stress
+ Energizing restorative tonic
+ Relieves bloating and gas
+ Helpful in fighting candida
+ Encourages a calm clear complexion

This silky Superbrew stimulates, nourishes, soothes, and energizes! It is stacked with nutrients. Turmeric is a powerful, delicious root that works magic to reduce inflammation in the body and is a strong antioxidant. Perfectly paired with Black Pepper, Turmeric's superpower (curcumin) is readily absorbed by the body,  decreasing pain and freeing our joints from stiffness–increasing mobility. Coconut milk provides us with immediate, long-lasting energy, improves brain function, nourishes the heart, burns fat, builds muscle, delivers vital electrolytes, and combats fatigue.

Lunar Logic's ACTIVISM blend is made from mushroom fruiting body extracts for maximum health benefits. This compilation of superherbs, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogens contains powerful energetics and nutritive qualities that have been used across many healing traditions for millennia. 


ACTIVISM / Golden Mylk Superbrew



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Herbal products are not regulated by the FDA and everyone responds differently to the application or ingestion of herbs. Please consult your medical professional before ingesting or topical application of any herbal remedies to ensure against side effects with medications, or if you are pregnant or nursing.


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