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Less thinking. More feeling.

Becoming The Alchemist.

Plant medicine is a powerful tool that can help awaken, receive, and increase life-force energy. We generally tend to think of plants as simple foods with nutritive qualities that give us strength, health and vitality, but that is just the beginning of the paradigm shift that takes place when we open our hearts and minds to the energy and consciousness of plants.

We are all born to be alchemists. Our journey begins when we choose to tune in and reconnect with our inner wilderness. As you bring more plant energy into your life, you will connect with your body’s primal intuition and the plant energies you work with. Don’t be surprised if you crave certain flavors or remedies, these are the ones you need most at this time. With time, you will innately know when, how, and which remedies enhance your being – becoming the alchemist. When we tap into our intuition, we enter into a state of mind that is different from mundane consciousness. We are drawn into the moment, allowing us to pay close attention to the subtle energies that are ever present but often overlooked. If we can turn to our intuition in daily practice, going there again and again, we immerse ourselves in a river of continuity that extends back to the sacred knowledge of our ancestors and forward into future generations, carrying with it the sacredness of all life. Alchemy is all about transformation and when we listen and respond from a deeper, more resonant place, we can shift the energy of our hearts and transform our lives.

You Are An Ingredient

Reclaiming our connection to nature, imbuing our foods and medicines with our new consciousness, takes our healing to the next-level. There is a lot of knowledge about medicinal plants and this information can be overwhelming if approached in a purely intellectual way. When you see yourself as an important ingredient in each meal, every formulation, each cup of tea, a great shift begins to take place. When you slow down, quiet the mind, and experience medicinal plants with intention, you realize that your mindset, energy, and beliefs all play vital roles in how deep and profound your transformation can be.

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

- Roald Dahl


A ritual to form a deep and powerful bond with your plant allies and evoke magic:

  • Give pause before partaking to connect with your intention

  • Close your eyes and hold your formulations in cupped hands, allowing a free flow of energy and heart connection

  • Breathe into your heart and your belly, listening and feeling instead of thinking

  • Partake when ready, taking time to experience the uniqueness, flavor profile, and all the mouthfeels.

  • Give thanks


Lunar Logic formulas are created as a way to share our journeys into wellness and discover new ways to thrive. It’s an opportunity to tap into our intuition, form relationships with nature and our plant allies, and inspire a lifelong quest for rituals and practices that not only elevate us but also bring us pleasure.